Our Story

While planning my own wedding in 2001, I realized there were many quality photographers in the Tri-State area but the videography businesses were lacking. Because of my experience working in the video business, as a news reporter, camera person and producer for two local television stations, I realized there was an opportunity to offer my unique and creative talents to local brides. I can preserve your wedding day in a poignant, cinematic style, which will make the both of you feel as though you are starring in a romantic movie — which you are!

After the vows are said, the laughter is quiet, the tears are dry, and the wedding dress is hanging in the closet, you are left with your memories…how can you relive the day? What else is left as a reminder of this once in a lifetime event? Although pictures are a beautiful reminder of days past, videography allows those pictures to speak and come to life with the emotion of the day’s events.