Why pay for a professional wedding videography when Uncle Charlie can video my wedding instead?

Your wedding videographer is professionally trained to capture your special day with the proper equipment. The videographer concentrates on the events of the day and has only you and your fiancee in mind. We also spend many hours editing your wedding video to most resemble a movie where you and your fiancee are the stars. Today, the videographer has become as an important as the photographer. The video allows the day’s events to come alive, to hear the emotion in your voice and the smiles on your face. With video, the wedding unfolds before your eyes, to share with generations to come.

Will the videographer get in the way of the events of my wedding day?

The videographer is as discreet as can be during the preparation, ceremony and reception. Most brides say they didn’t even notice the videographer during the wedding day but we do our best to place ourselves close to the action without getting in the way of what is happening.

Can we select the music you use for our highlight montage?

Yes, the bride and groom will provide us with two or three songs that are special to them that will be used for the highlight montage.

How long will it take to receive my DVDs?

When the wedding season is in full swing, it will take at the most 4 to 8 weeks to receive your final product.

Can I order extra copies?

Extra copies can be ordered at a price of $25 per DVD.

How far can you travel to video my wedding?

Most of the weddings we cover are in the Tri-State area, Washington and Frederick counties as well as Franklin County, PA and Jefferson County, WV but we are willing to go further, however, the contract price may increase to cover traveling expenses.

Do you use a microphone during the ceremony?

Yes, we use a wireless microphone hooked up to the groom to pick up the audio during the ceremony.

How long will my video be?

You will receive one DVD including direct video coverage of your preceremony, ceremony and reception formalities as well as a highlight montage, about 5-7 minutes in length, set to your special music (examples of which can be seen on the home page). Your video in its entirety will be anywhere from one to two hours long.